Trips are an important part of CO2 emissions for many people. HowManyTrees tells you the most effective ways to reduce it.

Avoiding a weekend off each month
= 83 trees

Travel by car one weekend a month for 300km (186 miles) roundtrip involves more than 800kg of CO2 per year, which can be absorbed by a forest of 83 trees!

Train instead of car once a month
= 49 trees

Traveling by train instead of by car for 300km (186miles) roundtrip once a month avoids CO2 emission of half a ton per year. Equivalent to planting 49 trees.

Avoiding one single flight
= 39 trees

A 1.400km (870 miles) roundtrip flight involves nearly 400kg of CO2 emission , equivalent to the amount of CO2 that can be absorbed by 39 trees in a year.

100km/h instead of 130 km/h
= 87 trees

Go on the highway at 100km/h instead of 130 km/h allows you to avoid CO2 emission for nearly 900kg per year. Equivalent to planting 87 trees.