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Avoiding a weekend off each month = 83 trees

Move over the weekend can be nice but has a high environmental impact.
Travel by car one weekend a month for 300km (186 miles) roundtrip involves more than 800kg of CO2 per year, which can be absorbed by a forest of 83 trees !

[message type=”normal” close_button_style=”light”]Avoiding moving too much in the weekend and, with the money saved, you can do a week’s holiday more.[/message]
[message type=”normal” close_button_style=”light”]Spend one weekend a month to discover new places in your city or in your neighborhood.[/message]

Before starting a long journey …, have a look around!

Mobility is one of the biggest life changes of the last 100 years, when most people did not even go and see the sea or the city a few tens of kilometers away from their home. This great opportunity to move it’s not free in terms of the environment, rather it is a major cause of pollution. For this reason we must not abuse it. Reduce the number of kilometers we travel every year is one of the most effective ways to reduce our ecological footprint.

Movements easier to be reduced are those relating to our leisure time as weekends and holidays. Although it can be definitely nice “a change of air” but it’s not necessary to go far away for relaxing, having fun or discover new things.

Sometimes we go for hundreds of kilometers without knowing what there is our neighborhood. No need to stay at home but just try to think whether it is really necessary to travel hundreds of kilometers to do what we like to do. Or if it is necessary to do so often. You can indeed halve the distance or the number of trip to get the same positive effect on the climate, Whatever is your idea of ​​relaxation, fun or discovery you want to enjoy in the weekend, try to achieve it close to home: the planet will draw great benefit!

Numero di alberi necessari per compensare le emissioni di CO2
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