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In the waste paper bin instead of the trash = 24 trees

When you can not reuse but you need to throw, it’s better to recycle. Throw the paper in the paper bin instead of throwing it into the undifferentiated avoids 240 kgs of CO2 per year. Equivalent to planting 24 trees.

[message type=”normal” close_button_style=”light”]Put the undifferentiated on the balcony and keep the plastic at home.[/message]
[message type=”normal” close_button_style=”light”]At the restaurant, do not throw away leftovers. Ask the “doggy bag”, and take it to home. The following day it taste even better![/message]

Recycling means reusing the material. It’s the best thing you can do if you can no longer re-use the product as it is. In this way you start the so called “circular economy” where the waste becomes a resource, reproducing the nature’s cycle.

Extracting natural resources and turning them into waste is a process that cannot be sustainable. It’s essential that we increase as much as possible the percentage of waste that is turned into resources, if we want to give a future to our civilization…
When it’s no longer possible to re-use, repair, give away or sell something, it is therefore essential to recycle and recycle properly.
The more we consume, the more we need to devote time to properly recycle.
In order to do it properly we need to organize ourself adequately. At home it must be easy for us to put plastic in a dedicated and accessible container. The same goes on for glass and paper. On the other hand, it is better to put in a less accessible part the undifferentiated bin, so that it is more convenient to us recycle rather than throw away. Often we do the opposite and, by sheer habit, we keep the undifferentiated under the sink and maybe put plastic, glass and paper on the balcony … We need to avoid it!

The other important thing is to know how to recycle. Go to your town web-site and read carefully once for all where each type of waste have to be placed.
Also when we’re not at home it is important to recycle.
In restaurants it is important to avoid that food gets thrown away. You must therefore order without exaggeration and at the end of the meal, ask to take away leftovers. In many countries it is a common practice. A pizza heated in the pan the following day tastes even better!!!!
Pay attention at special events as birthday parties for children. Always ask everyone to write his/her name on the plastic cup and start immediately to make the differential collection!!

Number of trees necessary to compensate CO2 emission
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