Buildings heating, for private, public and commercial use, are a major factor of CO2 emissions and environmental impact. howmanytrees shows you the most effective measures to reduce your emissions from heating.

One degree
= 50 trees

In winter, one degree temperature reduction at home can prevent 500kg of CO2 in a year. Equivalent to planting 50 trees.

One room
= 100 trees

The smaller is the house, the less is the impact on the environment. Avoiding heating a room (20m²) reduces CO2 emissions by one ton (1.000kg) per year. Equivalent to planting 100 trees.

A thermally insulated house
= 230 trees

An insulated house (100 square meters) avoids CO2 emissions of over 2 tons (2.000kg) per year. Equivalent to what 230 trees can absorb in one year.