Riduci l’impatto ambientale del riscaldamento di casa tua attraverso i consigli di Your CO2 con semplici interventi e piccoli cambi di abitudine.

= 5 trees

The lighting does not affect much on our ecological footprint, but it is definitely one of those voices that more easily can be reduced. Easy! ….. how to change a light bulb, equivalent to planting 4 trees.

new appliances
= 100 trees

Change your old appliances with efficient appliances and will avoid the emission of one ton of CO2 per year. Equivalent to planting 100 trees.

half of the washing machine cycles
= 10 trees

A washing machine or a dishwasher involves approximately 0.5 kg of CO2 emissions. Halving the number of washing machines or dishwashers means avoid putting into the atmosphere almost 100kg of CO2 per year. The equivalent of planting nine trees.