Earth from the moon - overshoot day 2015

Overshoot-day: Planet Earth in ecological debt from August

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There is much talk about the debts of the states, such as Greece or China; less about ecological debt of our planet. The first can be deleted with a simple decision, while the second requires bold and long-term actions to avoid serious problems.

Last year, the Overshoot-Day arrived on August 13, three days before last year. It means that on August 13th the Earth’s population had already consumed all the resources that the earth could regenerate for the all year . From August 14th, the planet was in Ecological debt. To cover the requirements of the last part of the year we were consuming non-renewable resources. Starting mid-August every glass of water we drank was reducing the water availability. While every light bulb we turned on increased the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, increasing the greenhouse effect. We are therefore drawing on nature reserves and polluting more than what the Earth can be dispose.

Let’s make a comparison between Earth consumption and a normal family monthly financial plan: Overshoot-day on August 13th is equivalent to a “human family” spending all the monthly incomes within the 19th of the month. Starting the 20th of the month this family has to use its personal savings.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

And every month the situation worsens, mainly for 3 reasons:

– The family gets bigger

– Older brothers, who have always been spenders, spend more and more

– Younger brothers, who are growing up, start asking for pocket money.

Mother Earth has to go to the bank more often, to draw on her savings. But the savings are running out, and sooner or later they will end: Mother Earth will be obliged to reduce pocket money and the sons will start fighting…

Every action has an ecological cost for the Earth and everybody needs to know what is the environmental cost of his or her lifestyle.

Discover what is the ecological impact of your lifestyle expressed in trees (

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This way we will enjoy our planet for a longer time.

Earth - Overshoot-Day 2015

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