Handkerchiefs instead of tissues = 2 trees

Disposable items are the enemy of environment. Use a handkerchief instead of tissues every day , it saves 18 kg of CO2 per year. The equivalent of planting 2 trees.

Packages are used for definition only once. Choose products with small packaging.
Buy detergents on tap. Some supermarkets and hypermarkets are introducing them. Detergents, softeners, dishwashing detergents …

Detergent, fabric softener.

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Natura Si

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Buy used items. You can save and reduce your environmental impact.






Using an item only once and then throwing it away should be avoided in any way. Yet every day we do it many times.

Tissues are an example (such as napkins, paper towels, etc), but also the plastic coffee cups or plastic gloves atthe supermarket. All these objects take months and months to be transformed from raw material to finished item and then within seconds in our hands they become waste.

It is much better to use handkerchiefs and towels in fabric instead of paper, and then, when we need to wash them, we can add them to one of the many cycles of our washing machine that we do during a week.

It is the same for many types of packaging that, at the moment they arrive in our hands they become waste.

Lets not forget the liquid containers. Virtually all liquids (drinks, detergents, soaps, shower gel, etc.) use disposable containers. Once the we finish the product, we usually throw away the container… Think of reusing it… The possibility of buying products on tap is spreading. Some supermarkets do it for liquid detergents, providing reusable containers.

When you cannot buy on tap you can use refills , which allow to save 70% of plastic.

Going from consumer goods to durable goods, the concept of re-using changes. Depending on how much and how you use an object, you can choose to buy it or not. When you use something sporadically you can think of sharing it with other people. It can be a drill, a bicycle or even a car.

When, on the opposite, you need something continuously but for a limited period of time, think of either renting it or buying it used … and then sell it back! Before you buy a new bike, a pair of shoes, a blender, better look on the Internet and see if there is someone who wants to unravel just what you need. You will save the planet and money!

Through the web you can have access to an incredible range of used things: toys, clothes and baby equipment (cots, strollers, tricycles, etc.) are typical examples, but there are many others! If you do not like to buy used things, you can simply sell what you don’t need anymore! It will be a good action for our planet!

Number of trees necessary to compensate for CO2 emission