We need to reduce the raw materials extraction and we need to reduce the creation of waste. We can do it, all at once, simply recycling. HowManyTrees tells you how to reduce waste and the related CO2 emissions.

Tap water instead of bottles
= 23 trees

Avoid creating unnecessary waste! It’s easy as drinking a glass of…tap water!!! Drink tap water instead of bottled water avoids more than 230kg of CO2 per year. Equivalent to planting 23 trees.

Tissue handkerchiefs instead of disposal handkerchiefs
= 2 trees

Disposable things are the enemy of environment. Use handkerchiefs instead of a paper towel every day, it saves 18 kg of CO2 per year. The equivalent of planting 2 trees.

In the waste paper bin instead of in the trash
= 24 trees

When you can’t reuse and you need to throw away, better to recycle. Throw the paper in the paper bin instead of throwing it into the undifferentiated avoids the emission of 240kg of CO2 per year. Equivalent to planting 24 trees.