Efficienza energetica riscaldamento


A thermally insulated house = 230 trees

An insulated house (100 square meters) avoids CO2 emissions of over 2 tons (2.000kg) per year. Equivalent to what 230 trees can absorb in one year.

Energy-efficient buildings are well insulated and therefore need a low energy intake to maintain a constant internal temperature.

Good efficiency thus involves a low carbon footprint, low operating costs and above all a home more comfort and healthy.

[message type=”normal” close_button_style=”light”]If you need to buy a house, get informed about its energy class (as you do if you buy an appliance).[/message]
[message type=”normal” close_button_style=”light”]Without moving house, for improving your home efficiency you can add a layer of thermal insulation material to the walls of your home.[/message]
[message type=”normal” close_button_style=”light”]Without big change to your walls you can improve your home efficiency simply replacing your windows with new double-glazed ones.[/message]

Energy efficiency is very good for the environment, for management costs, for comfort, and also for health.

Well insulated houses doesn’t require high temperature heat, and on consequence avoid convective air movements which move dust and increase allergy risks.
Lower energy requirements, also means less economic requirements. And the difference between high efficiency and low efficiency is enormous.
Between a top efficient house and a low ones savings can reach 80%, like going from an old incandescent light bulb to a LED, or from a new hybrid plug in car to a large high powered SUV.
So the most effective step in reducing the carbon footprint of your home is to buy an efficient house!

And if you are not planning to move house, you can improve the efficiency of yours.
There are many ways to improve the efficiency, but the first to be taken into consideration for effectiveness are surely the replacement of the glazing and insulating the external walls.
The first operation is the simplest: the cost of the replacement of windows is relatively limited but allows a big improvement of thermal insulation.
Insulating external walls it’s a bigger effort, but it brings to considerable economic savings, allowing to move to a much better energy class.

Numero di alberi necessari per compensare le emissioni di CO2
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