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One degree = 50 trees

It’s important follow climate temperature as much as possible both in winter and in summer. To stay at 22°C both in summer and winter it’s energetically expensive and, on consequence, also ecologically. Reduce by one degree the temperature of our home in winter can prevent 500kg of CO2 in a year.

Equivalent to planting 50 trees.

If we want to preserve this planet we have to adapt a bit more to its temperature, avoiding when possible

air conditioning in summer and too much heating in winter.

[message type=”normal” close_button_style=”light”]Getting hot during winter or getting cold in summer it’s not natural, while it is normal the other way around. Set home temperature to 20°C in winter, and 27°C in summer, and ask also your company to do the same.[/message]
[message type=”normal” close_button_style=”light”]Set-up a digital Thermometer:
measure the temperature and the humidity of the main rooms of your house.

Termometri per la Casa)


For istance, we would suggest Duragadget Thermometer, that are simple and easy to use

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[message type=”normal” close_button_style=”light”]If it’s winter and you’re not wearing a sweater, it means that you are exaggerating with radiators.[/message]
[message type=”normal” close_button_style=”light”]Install thermostatic valves on your radiators:
they automatically turn off the heater when the set temperature is reached.

Cerca altri tipi di Valvole Termostatiche per la casa

Termostato Techno Line - costa così poco che recuperi il costo in pochi

La Valova Termostatica TechnoLine è semplice e costa molto poco

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About a third of the pollution of the planet is caused by heating and cooling buildings.

The conditioner is present in every home, and for somebody seems normal in winter to wear only a T-shirt when at home. But it’s absolutely not normal. Not only because it is against the laws of nature, but because it is also unhealthy.
Having too warm at home in the winter (above 21 ° C) implies very dry air, which brings to dry skin and irritates the mucous membranes.
The ideal temperature in winter is 20 ° C and the ideal humidity between 40% and 50%, and should never go beyond 22 ° C and under 30% relative humidity.
Keep monitored these two values (temperature and relative humidity) is therefore essential, and the easiest way is to have a thermometer and a hygrometer. In the market there are many products that have both indications at a very low cost. Among these types of products, for these reasons, HowManyTrees recommend DURAGADGET , but many other products are as good as well.
Monitor the temperature is the first, crucial step. But then you need to regulate heating effectively , and this can be done in many ways, also depending on the type of heating. If you do not have a thermostat, you can act manually on radiators knobs when temperature exceeds a certain limit.
But this can be done in a much more simple way with thermostatic valves, which, thanks to a thermostat set on each radiator, switch it off when a certain temperature is reached.

The big advantage is also that you can set different temperature in different rooms,,
leaving colder bedrooms and warmer the toilet or the living room.

HowManyTrees recommend La TESTINA TERMOSTATICA della Caleffi


E’ semplice da montare e funziona bene. Permette di regolare la temperatura a seconda delle proprie esigenze.

Il prezzo è buono e senz’altro lo consigliamo

Numero di alberi necessari per compensare le emissioni di CO2
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