4 seasons, including fruits and vegetables

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Fruit out of season = 50 trees

A vegan has a low environmental impact, but this impact can vary greatly depending on the kind of fruits and vegetables chosen. Eating local and seasonal fruits and vegetables instead of vegetables grown in greenhouses or transported by air avoids the emission of 500kg of CO2 per year, equivalent to planting 50 trees.

[message type=”normal” close_button_style=”light”]Even if in the supermarket you can find the same fruits and vegetables all year long, choose only the seasonal ones. They will cost less, they will be more tasty and you will discover and enjoy varieties you have forgotten or never known. (www.bioexpress.it)[/message]
[message type=”normal” close_button_style=”light”]Search for local producers and, together with other families, buy directly from them. You will get better quality at a lower prices! (www.retegas.org)[/message]

Change of seasons means changing clothings but also different food.

As in winter we should not have 25°C at home because it is against the normal cycle of nature, so we should not eat tomatoes if it is snowing outside…
The fruit grown in greenhouses in the winter has a significant environmental impact because of the energy needed to heat them.

Similarly buying fruits arriving by air from faraway countries has a big environmental impact linked to the fuel consumption to transport the goods.
Forcing nature always has a big impact on the environment. It also usually has few nutritional properties and little taste.
Eating fruits and vegetables grown outdoor and in the neighborhood, with a slow perishability is the most effective way to reduce the CO2 emissions of the products we eat.

Number of trees necessary to compensate for the CO2 emission
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