Food has the biggest impact on health and on the health of our planet. HowManyTrees tells you how to reduce CO2 emissions related to food with small changes to your eating habits.

1 slice of meat
= 73 trees

Eating meat has a great environmental impact. Eating every day the classic steak implies over 700kg of CO2 emissions per year. 73 trees are needed to compensate.

A cup of milk
= 10 trees

Milk, cheese and eggs have a high environmental load. Replacing milk with coffee or tea reduces CO2 emissions by 100 kg of CO2 per year. Equivalent to planting 10 trees.

Fruit out of season
= 50 trees

Fruit and vegetables should be seasonal and KM 0. Follow this rule avoids the production of nearly 500kg of CO2 per year. Equivalent to planting 50 trees.


Mangia bio
= 0 alberi

Organic food is natural, it always has been and probably it is the only sustainable way to feed the planet.