Only led for light

E luce fù! ma solo a led


A bulb LED = 5 trees

Replacing one incandescent bulb with a LED one avoids the emission of 39kg of CO2 per year. Equivalent to planting 5 trees.

Bulb technology has made great strides: only 10 years ago Led light existed only in laboratories. Today we can find LED bulbs in every store and in every supermarket.

In this field, the technology was also helped by policies and laws. In many countries the old incandescent bulbs have been banned, thus pushing, economy and consumers, to be converted quickly to the new efficient bulbs.

[message type=”normal” close_button_style=”light”]Turn off the light when leaving a room should be automatic for everyone. And remind others to do a duty. Every ounce of energy that we use has an impact on the planet. Let’s not waste it.
In the corridors and in the garage you can install presence sensors which automatically switch on when somebody arrives and turn them off when nobody’s in.

Nei corridoi e nei garage puoi sempre montare un interruttore automatico, che si spegne da solo dopo poco tempo


Abbiamo trovato che la Gewiss propone un’infinità di soluzioni per aiutarti a spegnere le luci quando non servono

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The European Union estimated that replacing light bulbs in front of the new legislation brings an overall reduction of CO2 emissions of 38 million tons, a huge value that is also having a great collective savings in terms of energy electricity consumed.

The LED bulbs are now state of the art lighting. They consume one-fifth of the old incandescent bulbs and much less also of fluorescent bulbs. They have a substantial duration and the price is slightly higher than that of fluorescent bulbs.

The quality of light is excellent, to cover almost all shades, surpassing by far fluorescent bulbs: if you want a warm glow, like those of the old incandescent bulbs, choose bulbs with a color temperature lower then 3300 °K .

And even when it comes to dispose it at the end of a life cycle, the LED bulbs have a lower environmental impact, since they do not contain the very harmful mercury.

Number of Trees that are required to compensate the CO2 emissions from Electricity
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