Buy efficient appliances

Compra elettrodomestici efficienti


X value trees a new appliance = 100 trees

The dishwasher and washing machine are two appliances we cannot give up nowadays. To reduce our impact on the planet is not necessary to discard it: just be careful when purchasing.

Since 2012, manufacturers are obliged to put on the most common household appliances (refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dishwashers etc.) an energy label with the aim of informing consumers on their energy consumption.

Manufacturers, for their part, are induced to improve the energy performance of their products, to meet the trend of demand to improve energy saving.

Today it is easy to choose the electric appliances, because on the Internet, or in stores, you can find a multitude of tools to select the best product according to the budget that you can afford.

[message type=”normal” close_button_style=”light”]Always try to buy class A +, A ++, A +++ appliances, eventually giving up some special features.[/message]
[message type=”normal” close_button_style=”light”]Get rid of dryers! Avoid as much as possible to buy clothes dryers: the energetic cost and the weight of CO2 is high.
Better to take advantage of a sunny day and hang clothes outdoors, or hang them on the clothesline[/message]

What are the “special features” of appliances that can help the environment?

The special features are new features offered by the manufacturers, but that often are proposed for reasons more related to marketing then to environment. For example: have a washer with a centrifuge above 1000 rpm it is useless and sometimes harmful to clothing.

On the contrary it is very helpful to have the timer function, which allows you to program the cycles at the desired time, allowing them to take advantage of the night hours when energy costs less.

It ‘always preferable to full loads, but if you can not evitaro the “half-load” saves a lot of water and energy.

Numero di alberi necessari per compensare le emissioni di CO2
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