How many trees do you need?

Each of us has an environmental impact, and so each of us needs a small or large wood that compensate his CO2 emissions. In our CO2 calculator you can discover, in few minutes, how much CO2 you generate, how many trees you need, and what are the most relevant items in your particular case. You can also compare yourself to other people and other countries.

Every single persons cause CO2 emissions for many reasons, but mainly for food, heating and moving. Food, heating and moving are normally more than 80% of the total environmental impact of each of us. But for each of us the weight of these areas is different, and different could be the effort needed to reduce it. To begin to significantly reduce their environmental impact must therefore normally start from one of these three items.


301 Alberi necessari

3.011.175 CO2/anno

25 Alberi necessari

252.485 CO2/anno

252 Alberi necessari

2.518.500 CO2/anno

73 Alberi necessari

732.000 CO2/anno

243 Alberi necessari

2.434.915 CO2/anno

29 Alberi necessari

292.000 CO2/anno

Choose the area on which you think it’s easier to start , change one of your habits for a day, then change it for a week, then a month and then forever.

Acting step by step you will come to dramatic improvements in your environmental impact, without changing the substance of your lifestyle.