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In the winter, would you leave the window open all day? Obviously no… The cold enters and at the same time the heating cost and the athmospheric pollution climbs…

The shops instead, more and more frequently, leave the entrance door wide open to eliminate any physical or psychological obstacle between the goods and the client…

How much do the sales increase leaving the doors open no one knows but it is very easy to estimate the ecological cost of this habit.

In Paris, the world was meeting to discuss the climate emergency. In Milan and Beijing, smog overshot for days the law’s limits, but the simplest thing, like closing a door can’t be done…

A shop with the doors always open in the winter pollutes minimum 20-30% more than one with closed doors.

Even a small shop that leaves its doors open increases its CO2 emission by more than one ton in a year. It corresponds to the amount of CO2 absorbed in a year by 100 trees.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Leaving the shop’s door open is like cutting at least 100 trees. 

If we think of a shopping area with hundreds of stores, leaving the doors open means cutting over 10,000 trees.

A wood as big as 15 soccer fields cut for nothing…Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Lets’ stop this type of useless and hacostly behaviour.I

Let’s ask to whom leaves the doors open why they do so. Furthermore let’s ask the politicians laws that forbid it.

Let’s start from easy things and wisdom.

IN THE WINTER DOORS NEED TO BE CLOSED, chi who want’s to make client’s life easier can install automatic doors!!!

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