Why CO2 is so important?

Why CO2 is so important?

CO2, or carbon dioxide, is a gas of the atmosphere, which partially keeps sun infrared radiation, and help keeping a warm temperature on the Earth.

CO2 concentration have been dangerously increasing in last decades, due both to deforestation and fossil fuels intensive use (oil, coal, natural gas, etc.). This is leading to a progressive temperature increasing, with unpredictable climate changes. But CO2 is essential not only as a cause of climate change, but also for another reason, perhaps even more important: it is a very good indicator of the amount of energy required for a product, a person or a community. Because production of energy is a polluting process for air, water and soil, the CO2 measurement allows to have a rapid idea of the environmental impact in a broader sense.

Last but not least, the intensive use of energy not only produces pollution and climate change but continually draws the limited resources of our planet. Since fossil fuels reserves are limited and because we are consuming them faster and faster, the CO2 calculation allows us to understand how we are chipping away this huge treasure. Every drop of oil we use, not only pollutes, but it’s also a drop of oil we take from future generations, who will have to find an alternative to it, maybe less polluting but probably more expensive and complex, or maybe more dangerous. Or probably they simply will just have to use much less energy than we use today. Also for this, oil and fossil fuels should be used very sparingly and especially never go wasted unnecessarily.

Find out how much CO2 your lifestyle creates , which are the main causes for your specific case and see how to get started to reduce your environmental impact.

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