Quanto costa il latte in alberi?

How much does a mug of milk cost? 11 trees!

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Producing the milk you pour in your mug every morning requires over 110 kg of CO2 in a year, equivalent to the absorption of 11 trees.

This is equivalent equivalent to 1 km by car or a lamp switched on for 8 hours every day!

You can spare a big part of these trees by drinking coffee, tea, barley or water!

By reducing the consumption of animal proteins you win in health.

The role of milk in the alimentation has been greatly revised lately. Following many studies, after age three, its consumption is no more necessary, it even seems prejudicial under multiple aspects. After all, it is not a case that the spontaneous requests for milk by the children usually dramatically falls when they grow up. Usually, they continue to drink it added with cacao or other sweetners.

The consumption of all animal proteins, not only meat, has a big environmental impact.


Reducing the meet consumption is important. But it is in great part useless if it implies the increase in eggs, milk or cheese intake. The consumption of animal proteins, whatever its origin, has huge impacts on our health, on the animals and the environment.

Try eating only vegetable food once a week. Initially it might seem impossible, but it might become the most natural thing on earth!


Discover the environmental cost expressed in trees and the carbon footprint of many other aliments.

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